We aim to develop a design that takes into consideration not only your physical and intellectual intent but also to blend seamlessly into the character of your home, your environment, lifestyle and values, enhancing your daily life on multiple levels.

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What is Land Art?

Land Art is a form of art which involves using physical landscapes to create art, encouraging people to view the art in context, and taking the provenance of art out of the museum and into the outside world.



Where to start? Sometimes we need a little direction. Maybe we just need to talk!

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An initial consultation can be helpful to gain perspective, ask questions, learn more about the design process, learn more about caring for your garden, integrate your own design ideas, make decisions, or gain confidence in your own ideas and skills.

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Ongoing consultation can be helpful while you navigate the evolution of your own gardening and design skills and/or need tips and tricks to improve and maintain your garden for optimal success.

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Maintaining your living environment is as important, if not more so, than the initial design and installation. A well maintained garden will flourish, and give back ten fold what is given to it. Just like children and animals, gardens need tender care, feeding and direction. Quality maintenance and attention to detail yields an exceptional garden. An exceptional garden yields exceptional quality of life.

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Garden maintenance is a passion equal to garden design and we have the passion as well as the knowledge. As is the same with all crafts, gardening is an art and a craft. Our clients see and feel the care and enthusiasm we infuse into every aspect of our maintenance work. The devil is in the details; weeding, pruning, preventative care, winterizing, planting and transplanting, whatever your maintenance needs, we love to keep your garden looking and feeling it’s best!

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All ideas start as a seed. Some grow quickly, excitedly, impatiently, and others slow, thoughtful and steady. Our ideas are as varied as our selves, and each a gift from the unknown.


If our idea is nurtured and fed, it begins to grow, change and flourish before our eyes in ways we never could have imagined. The excitement and anticipation in watching our ideas take shape and manifest into something real is one of the greatest rewards life has to offer!

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As our ideas mature into our dreams, we are able to enjoy the calm, beauty that brings a serenity fertile as rich soil, inviting our next inspiration.


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Cassidy MacDonald

I was born in Seattle, WA in 1977. Begining

my life as an artist at the age of 5. From then on I lived and breathed art, experimenting with countless forms of mediums but primarily focusing on drawing and painting. After being accepted to and completing studies at the Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, CA, I moved back to my hometown and embarked on a new journey, discovering my true passion; utilizing my art and design skills in the garden.

In 1999 I moved to nearby Bainbridge Island and my passion for gardening and garden design naturally flourished, growing into a successful business. I had the privilege of designing, installing and maintaining beautiful gardens, some of which were featured on the nationally famous annual Bainbridge island Garden Tour.


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In 2009, during a trip to visit friends in the San Juan Islands, a remote string of islands in the northernmost part of Washington State, I was struck and fell in love with the extraordinary natural beauty of the islands and vowed to move there

permanently, I now call San Juan Island my foreverhome,

sharing my life with my husband and combined family of 8 children.

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Deisgn $115/hr

Consultation $85/hr

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Maintenance & Installation

Varies by service, please call, text or email for more specific pricing.